Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded food & beverage entrepreneurs.

Learn from us. Learn from one another.

The Hatchery is a one-stop-shop. Its 67,000 square foot production facility will have everything entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space could need. This includes turnkey, health department-certified kitchen space, cold/dry/freezer storage, loading/receiving docks, food truck allocation, co-working space, meeting rooms, event space, and on-site support from industry experts.

Our convenient location offers access to two CTA rail lines, a Metra line, and CTA bus service.

Doors are expected to open early December 2018.

Shared Kitchen Space

The Hatchery will have a shared kitchen that will include:

  • Washing stations & prep sinks

  • Stock pot burners

  • Reach-in coolers

  • A deck oven and convection oven

  • A deep fryer

  • Chargrills & ranges

  • A kettle cooker, and much more!

Private Kitchens

Because our private kitchens are fully enclosed, it's possible to get certifications at a much earlier stage than usual.

The Hatchery will have 56 turnkey commercial food-grade private kitchens in two sizes: small and medium. They are completely customizable and modular so you can expand as you grow. Each private kitchen will come pre-equipped with:

  • Stainless steel shelves

  • A work table with integral double basin sink

  • A three-compartment sink with faucet

  • A hand sink with faucet

  • Outside storage to maximize production space

  • Optional steel exhaust hoods

Co-Working Space, Meeting Rooms, & Event Space

The Hatchery’s co-working space will have an open, shared area as well as dedicated space for Hatchery tenants. You will also have access to conference rooms.

The Hatchery’s event space will be available for rent and will have a capacity for 100-200 people depending on the set up. A/V equipment will be included. Hatchery Members will be preferred vendors for food and drink with events held in our space.


Tenants will have first priority, but any excess capacity can be rented out to non-Hatchery tenants or members.

Storage includes:

  • Dry storage

  • Cold storage

  • Freezer storage

On-site Support and Access to Financing

Entrepreneurs will have access to comprehensive, industry-specific support, including teaching and mentoring.
The Hatchery will be headquarters for Accion Chicago, which will be an anchor tenant at the facility. Accion Chicago will provide access to loan capital between $500 and $100,000 to qualifying tenants and members as well as free, on-site businesses coaching.
The entrepreneurs at The Hatchery form a supportive community network.

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