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Managing and maintaining a WordPress site can be stressful. You have to think about backups, updates, edits, and more — and that’s when everything’s actually working.

When everything’s not working it’s even worse — trying to figure out why your site is offline, running slowly, or displaying errors can be an exercise in frustration.

That’s where Interrobang Digital’s WordPress Concierge Services can save the day.

We’ll manage your site.
You just manage your free time.

Our team will make sure your site is running quickly, smoothly, and securely.

We’ll optimize your site to create a better experience for your users.

Need changes and updates to your site’s content? We’ll take care of them so you and your team can deal with more important things.

We can even apply high-level strategies to help you grow and dominate your market.

All you have to do is sign up — we’ll handle the rest.

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Wordpress Concierge Plan 1:


Want your WordPress site to be fast, secure, & up-to-date — without having to spend a second thinking about it yourself?
We’ll worry about keeping things running smoothly so you don’t have to.

  • Two Hours of Development Support Tasks

    Each month, we’ll set aside up to two hours to take care of any problems that may need fixing, edits that need made, troubleshooting that needs done, and more.

    Hours even roll over (up to 5 total hours at a time).

  • Site Hosting

    Does your hosting optimize speed by offering caching and CDN? Does it include a staging environment to test changes, then take them live with the click of a button?

    We partner with Flywheel to offer all that and more — including 99.99% uptime. We’ll even migrate your site from your current host for you.

  • 24/7/365 Security

    Malware can put your visitors at risk and get you blacklisted by Google.

    Our security measures keep you protected from hackers and malware. And if something does happen, we’ll fix it — immediately and for free.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    Our hosting includes 99.99% uptime — but if your site should go down, we’ll be alerted immediately so we can address it without delay.

  • Wordpress Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates

    Out of date files are the #1 reason WordPress sites can become vulnerable to malware. You could use an auto-updater, but those are notorious for breaking sites.

    Our solution: Real human beings that regularly update all files to keep your site running smoothly and securely.

  • Daily Site Backups

    When you accidentally delete a page or break your site, what do you do?

    We keep daily backups of your site & database for the last 30 days. When the unthinkable happens, we’ll be able to restore your site for you in no time.

  • Monthly Reporting

    Each month we’ll send you a rundown of the work we’ve done, your site’s uptime and security status, and more — So you’ll never have to wonder how your site is doing.

Wordpress Concierge Plan 2:


Maintaining peace of mind is great, but how would it feel to know your site was improving month-over-month?
Our GROW plan can help your site keep getting better.

Includes everything from the MAINTAIN plan, plus:

  • UNLIMITED Small Support Tasks

    Need to update some copy? Replace that embarrassing picture of Carl? Figure out why that plugin just won’t work correctly? Submit as many small support tasks (up to 30 minutes each) as you like and consider them taken care of.

    Have work that needs more than 30 minutes? Don’t worry — you’ve still got 2 hours each month for larger development support tasks.

  • 404 Monitoring

    Broken links and page-not-found errors (known as 404s) can frustrate your visitors and hurt your search rankings.

    Almost every site has 404s — do you know about yours? We’ll find them, fix them, and continuously monitor them.

  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting

    It’s not enough to just put performance optimizations in place — it’s just as important to know they’re working.

    We monitor your performance daily to make sure everything’s continuing to operate as well as possible.

  • Six-Hour Max Response Time

    When you submit a ticket during standard business hours, you’ll get a response within 6 hours, guaranteed.

  • Speed & Performance Optimization

    50% of site visitors will leave if it doesn’t load after 3 seconds. How fast does your typically load?

    We use several advanced optimization systems including Cloudflare’s CDN to help your site load and perform as fast as it can.

  • EXTENDED Daily Site Backups

    All our plans include daily backups of your site and database from the last 30 days, but what if you want to go back further?

    With Extended Backups, we can go back as far as a year.

  • SSL Certificate via Let's Encrypt

    When visiting your site, do you get a nice, green “secure” icon? That’s thanks to an SSL certificate, which guarantees an extra layer of security for your visitors’ information.

    Without it, Google may penalize you and your visitors may get “not secure” warnings. We’ll make sure your visitors — and Google — know you’re in line with industry standards.

  • Monthly Reporting

    Every month, we’ll send you a rundown of the work we’ve done, your site’s performance, uptime, 404 status and more — so you’ll never have to wonder how your site is doing.

Wordpress Concierge Plan 3:


Our DOMINATE plan rethinks what Web Concierge services can be, fusing elements of our higher-investment strategy & implementation packages.
Because nothing goes together quite as well as peace of mind and market domination.

Includes everything from the GROW plan, plus:

  • Six Hours of Large Support Tasks

    When you need more than our unlimited small tasks (up to 30 minutes) AND more than two hours of large tasks, we’ve got your back.

    Each month, we’ll set aside up to six hours to take care of those bigger, harrier problems that may need fixing. Hours even roll over (up to 10 total hours at a time).

  • An Always-Available Account Manager

    Need someone to talk with about your site, your digital strategy, your business goals, or something else entirely?

    Get direct access to an account manager whenever you need them (during standard business hours — we’re human too).

  • Monthly Strategy Calls

    We’ll spend an hour each month with you and your team to determine what’s holding you back and what can take you to the next level.

    With six hours of Development time included, we can even implement the strategies we come up with for you.

  • WEEKLY Reporting

    Ge tweekly access to our most in-depth reporting, including site performance, work done, and more.

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Per Month
  • Two Hours of Support Tasks
  • Site Hosting
  • Daily Site Backups
  • WP Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates
  • 24/7/365 Security
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
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Per Month
  • UNLIMITED Small Support Tasks
  • Site Hosting
  • EXTENDED Daily Site Backups
  • WP Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates
  • 24/7/365 Security
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • WEEKLY Reporting
  • Six Hours of Large Support Tasks
  • Priority Response Time
  • 24/7/365 Site Uptime Monitoring
  • Speed & Performance Optimization
  • SSL Certificate
  • 404 Monitoring
  • Monthly Strategy Calls
  • Always-Available Account Manager
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